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3 Forgotten Ravens of the month vol. 1

By Chris Schisler

Chris Schisler

The Baltimore Ravens have a history that is a few years younger than I am. That makes me part of the first generation of Ravens fans. As a sportswriter who writes about the Baltimore Ravens, it’s my job to share that history with you.

One of the things that I wanted to do when I started the Purple and Black Nest, was to connect all the eras of Ravens football. I wanted to connect the introduction of the team with Ted Marchibroda as the coach and Vinny Testeverde under center to the Flacco era and everything going on now. Here it all lives as one mostly glorious pot of Baltimore football history.

This is a new series that helps me with the goal of sharing that short but rich history. It’s three forgotten Ravens of the month. Every month, I will try to wax as poetically as I can about three players I respected the heck out of when they wore the Purple and Black. So without further ado, here’s the Nest Talk. The start of a new month figured to be the perfect start for this new project of The Purple and Black Nest.

3 forgotten Ravens of the month Nest Talk:

The three players for this month are Corey Graham, Ed Hartwell and Corey Redding. In the video I talk about the three players and their contributions to the franchise. It’s an all defense edition to start things off. The Ravens will always be known for great defense so this is the way to get going. There were a lot of names to choose from so it’s going to be easy to keep going with these every month.

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What do you think of my selections? Who should be considered for July? Let us know what you think!

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Nest Talk: Top 10 Baltimore Ravens of all-time (Video)

By Chris Schisler

Chris Schisler

The Top 10 Baltimore Ravens of all time, huh? The Ravens have had an absolutely incredible history. Sure, it’s less than 30 years old but Ravens football has been full of amazing players. Making this list was fun. It was also kind of brutal. Imagine getting to Todd Heap‘s name and having to put him in the honorable mention section. That’s hard to do.

One of the guiding concepts to this list was that a player almost had to be the best player at his position group. There’s only one position with multiple players in the top 10, and you’ll get why. Knowing full well that you know who’s at the top of the list, I started at number one. I made it a 1. and 1A. kind of thing with Ray Lewis and Ed Reed. For the sake of sticking to a top 10, Reed got the number two spot. I’m sure this is the part of the list where the order will get most tightly debated.

Watch: The Baltimore Ravens top 10 players ever

The point of a nest talk is to let the video do the talking. It’s to give you another form of the Purple and Black Nest. We want to hear from you though. What do you think about our top 10 Ravens of all time? Did we get it right? What would you change? The entire point of these conversations is to have fun with the debate. It’s the offseason, a football man has to do something to keep sane.

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More articles and nest talks are on the way. We’re even working on bringing you a brand new podcast for our brand new site.