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Baltimore Ravens: Top 5 preseason performers (Video)

By Chris Schisler

The Baltimore Ravens preseason is over. I don’t think there is a single fan of the Baltimore Ravens (Or of the NFL) that is going to be asking for more preseason games. Preseason football is kind of funny. We’re super excited about each preseason game and yet we can’t wait for the real football to get going. Preseason football is like the bread you get for free at a restaurant. It keeps you satisfied before you get going with your meal.

J.K. Dobbins got hurt in the final preseason game. I figured a look on the positives from the preseason could lift the Ravens Flock a bit.

In this video, I discuss the top five most impressive players from the Ravens’ preseason efforts. There are a lot of ways to go in this kind of video. I could have talked about the Ravens players that did the most to win a job on the 53 man roster. I could have focused on the players that surprised us the most. In the end, I chose five players that just really brought their A-game. These are five players who either prominently or subtly were stars of the preseason.

Goose, the official mascot of The Purple and Black Nest decided that she should be involved in the video. I always like having my four-legged friend with me. If you asked Goose, I am sure she would tell you that she stole the show. She kind of did. I’m just glad that my dog actually behaved.

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Baltimore Ravens vs. Carolina Panthers: Video preseason preview

By Chris Schisler

A preview of the Baltimore Ravens preseason game number two:

In the Purple and Black Nest Talk, I discuss the three Baltimore Ravens I want to see shine in the second preseason game on both sides of the football. The video is a dose of football talk to get you ready for the game. If nothing else, it gives you something to look for as roster spots are on the line and the Ravens get into shape for the regular season.

The purple and black take on the Carolina Panthers on the road, for the second preseason game of the year. This game should be interesting because it’s on the heels of joint practices between the Ravens and the Panthers, practices which may have actually been more beneficial than the preseason game.

One thing I didn’t have to talk about much in the video was the backup quarterback position. Tyler Huntley basically becomes the backup quarterback by default, because of Trace McSorley’s reported back injury. This allows us to focus on three players on the offense other than quarterbacks.

At the end of the video, you’ll hear that I wasn’t the only one getting ready for the exhibition game action. My dog Goose must have gotten pumped up and in the final seconds, she decided to squeak her toys to show it. To be honest, it only made me like my video more. Seeing as my dog Goose (named after Tony Siragusa) is the official mascot of the Purple and Black Nest, it’s only fitting.

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3 forgotten Baltimore Ravens of the month vol. 3

By Chris Schisler

Three forgotten Baltimore Ravens of the month:

The Baltimore Ravens have had some incredible players that don’t get enough credit. Here is a look at three of those players. In the PBN Nest talk video, I talk about three Ravens who don’t get enough credit from Ravens history.

We started this series in the month of June. Our first three forgotten Ravens of the month were Kim Herring, Corey Redding, and Ed Heartwell. It seemed right to start the series of videos off with three defensive players, one of them being a starter for the 2000 Ravens defense. Spoiler alert, the Super Bowl XXXV team is represented in this month’s video, though it’s not a defensive player. I could tell you, but guys, you have to watch the video, come on (evil laugh).

We decided to go with all defense for the second straight month in July. The first player on the list that month was a great linebacker by the name of Daryl Smith. Gary Baxter and Dawan Landry made up the rest of the list.

This is the first video that I have done for the forgotten Baltimore Ravens of the month series where it wasn’t all defense. Sticking with the trend though, I tried to pick three different time periods of Ravens history. I have one player from the Super Bowl XXXV run, another who played for Brian Billick’s Ravens and one who played for the Ravens in the Joe Flacco/John Harbaugh Era.

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I hope you’re into this stuff as much as I am. The forgotten Ravens videos are easily one of the most fun things we do at the Purple and Black Nest. Now that Ravens training camp is underway, we’ll have more and more content rolling out. PBN is your home for all things to do with the Ravens lure, and everything going on with the Ravens right now.

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Baltimore Ravens: Top 10 outside linebackers in franchise history

PBN Nest Talk By Chris Schisler

Video: The Top 10 Outside Linebackers in Baltimore Ravens history

The Baltimore Ravens have had some amazing outside linebackers so this list wasn’t hard to make at all. The top five of this list are about as good as any franchise probably has and the Ravens have only been around since 1996. That’s part of why the Ravens are so known for their dominant defense.

Instead of lumping all the outside linebackers and inside linebackers together, I split the second level of the defense into two separate Nest Talk videos. As with any top 10 list, I felt like honorable mentions were needed here. Let’s talk about some players who almost made the cut, but ultimately weren’t in the top 10.

Pernell McPhee has a strong case to be included. McPhee is in his second run with the Baltimore Ravens. During his first time in Baltimore, he was an exciting young player who could get after the quarterback. In the 2011 season when he was just a rookie, McPhee had six sacks. In his contract year with the Ravens, he had 7.5 sacks. McPhee went to the Chicago Bears in free agency and also played for Washington. Now he’s a veteran leader who offers a little pass rush and a lot of value in run defense.

Another current Ravens player that has a chance to become part of this list is Tyus Bowser. The story with Bowser isn’t written yet. He just signed a second contract with the purple and black. If he turns it on as a pass rusher he has a chance to break into the top 10.

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A more vintage option is Cornell Brown, an outside linebacker who was with the Ravens from 1997 to 2004 and never played for another NFL team. He started 14 games in 2002 and was a solid role player for the franchise.


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Baltimore Ravens: Top 10 Defensive Linemen in franchise history

By Chris Schisler

The Baltimore Ravens are known for dominant defense. This is why ranking the Baltimore Ravens top defensive linemen of all-time was a fun thing to do. Here’s a spoiler alert, all the starters from the Super Bowl XXXV defense made the rankings. That is in the discussion for the best defensive line units of all-time. I personally don’t think it’s debatable, the 2000 Ravens defense was the greatest of all-time.

When you do a top 10, honorable mentions are always good to have. The Baltimore Ravens had more than 10 players I could have put on the list. One player that missed the list was Michael Pierce. He was a very solid defensive tackle for the Ravens. He had 151 total tackles for the Ravens in four seasons.

Another player that didn’t make the rankings was Dwan Edwards. He had 120 total tackles in a five-year run with the Ravens to start his 11 year NFL career. He had his best years with the Carolina Panthers, but he had some strong moments with the Ravens. Derek Wolfe and Calais Campbell have a chance to join the ranks of the best defensive linemen. The way that Wolfe played last year made me very tempted to give him a spot here.

I was always a big Lawrence Guy fan. He had three years with the Baltimore Ravens. He’s a rare free agent from the Ravens who actually took a step up after his departure from Baltimore. He’s been a great player for the New England Patriots.

The Top 10 Defensive Linemen in Baltimore Ravens history (Nest Talk Video)

We’ve been going through the traditional depth chart order. So far we’ve rolled through every offensive position group. Now we’re doing our top 10 rankings for the defensive positions. I cannot wait to start talking about linebackers, so keep checking out PBN!

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Baltimore Ravens: Top 10 tight ends in franchise history

By Chris Schisler

The Baltimore Ravens have had some tight ends that have defined what “Play like a Raven” is supposed to mean. It really started with Shannon Sharpe in the Super Bowl XXXV run and it continued with Todd Heap. There has almost always been a very good tight end on the roster.

There were a lot of names to go through here and there were just 10 spots. Let’s look at some of the honorable mentions before we get into the rankings in the video. Benjamin Watson didn’t make the cut, but he had one solid year with the Ravens, where he had 61 receptions. Dallas Clark had a cameo with the Ravens you may have forgotten about as well.

The 10 players in these rankings are the definitive names that belong there. The top five players in the ranking are on a different level. There is a clear difference between being at the top and being at the bottom. There just happens to be some absolute football legends at the top of the list.

The Top 10 Baltimore Ravens tight ends of all time Nest Talk

This is the fourth installment of this series, where I’m ranking the top 10 Baltimore Ravens at each position group. Here are the links to the other videos in this series.

  1. Baltimore Ravens: Top 10 quarterbacks in franchise history

2. Baltimore Ravens: Top 10 running backs in franchise history

3. Baltimore Ravens Top 10 wide receivers they ever had

We have a lot of content up on this site for your football fix. If you’re a new visitor, we have some fun running series of posts. In Complicated made simple we talk about scouting and x’s and o’s. We have a hot take of the weeks and plenty of analysis on the 2021 season. The Purple and Black Nest is for Baltimore, by Baltimore

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Baltimore Ravens Top 10 wide receivers they ever had

By Chris Schisler

The Baltimore Ravens have had a very up and down relationship with the wide receiver position since the team got going in 1996. The best wide receivers have for the most part come from either free agency or via a trade.

Ozzie Newsome has had many successes, but the wide receiver position has vexed him much more than any other. The same man who gave you Travis Taylor in a Ravens uniform drafted Breshad Perriman.

The Ravens are hoping to turn the tide with their receiver luck. Eric DeCosta has drafted six wide receivers in the last three years. Marquise Brown could be poised for a breakout year. Devin Duvernay shows promise and Rashod Bateman is the most exciting prospect the Ravens have ever had at wide receiver.

While the focus on wide receivers tends to skew to the negative when you talk about the Baltimore Ravens, there have been stars at the position. As frustrating as this area of the depth chart has been, this list was surprisingly easy to come up with names for. I actually revised and changed the list I had originally gone with for another project when I was with another website. I’ve thought about this a lot in the past, and also for this post. This is where I am with the rankings.

I really had fun with this list. While the Ravens aren’t known for wide receivers, this exercise allows us to appreciate what we got along the way. The Ravens had a future Hall of Fame receiver in Steve Smith Sr. and a Super Bowl XLVII legend in Anquan Boldin. The Ravens also had a Maryland Terrapin become one of the most beloved players in franchise history. There’s a lot to celebrate here and that’s just a sample.


Check out the video for the fun analysis of the rankings. Now here are the rankings:

10  Mark Clayton

9 Jermaine Lewis

8 Qadry Ismail

7 Jacoby Jones 

6 Michael Jackson 

5 Derrick Alexander 

4 Torrey Smith 

3 Steve Smith Sr.

2 Anquan Boldin

1 Derrick Mason


Keep checking out the purple and black nest. We keep cranking out videos like this, analysis, and lengthy articles to give you your football fix. We also have a TeeSpring Store. Merchandise sales help to support the site and gives you more purple and black in your life.

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Baltimore Ravens: Top 10 running backs in franchise history

By Chris Schisler

The Baltimore Ravens have had a lot of fun at the running back position. Yesterday we took a look at the top 10 quarterbacks in Ravens history. This list was a lot more fun. You’ve got some of the best players the Ravens ever had at the running back position.

This ranking may surprise you. It’s not your run of the mill ranking. It’s not playing it safe. Instead I think, I made a list that feels right and is at the same time a little bold. It’s not like the number one player on this list is going to surprise you. That being said, there are some players in there you may see as a twist.

When we did quarterbacks we had to sift through some frustrating names. Let’s be real, when Kyle Boller is in your top 10 list, you know it’s been a little on the rough side. With the running back position, you can have more fun. Nobody is here by default and you will have fond memories of each player on the list.

The Top 10 Baltimore Ravens running backs of all-time

You should definitely watch the video. It’s a fun reminiscing of the run game for the Ravens. Here’s the list for documentation sake. Does this list surprise you? Well in our Nest Talk I break down why every player on the list is there.

10 Le’Ron McClain

9 J.K. Dobbins

8 Chester Taylor

7 Justin Forsett;

6 Mark Ingram

5 Priest Holmes

4 Willis McGahee

3 Gus Edwards

2 Ray Rice

1 Jamal Lewis

The wide receiver position will be up next. Keep tuned as more videos are coming. The Purple and Black Nest is going to give you a top 10 at every position group.

NEXT POST: Top 10 Quarterbacks in Baltimore Ravens history

The offseason for Baltimore Ravens fans will be as fun as we can make it. These lists are perfect for the dog days of summer that are on the way.

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Baltimore Ravens: Top 10 quarterbacks in franchise history

By Chris Schisler

The Baltimore Ravens haven’t had a ton of great quarterbacks. They have had a ton of problems at the position. While the franchise was lucky to find winning and stability with Joe Flacco, the quarterbacks that came before him were mostly disappointing.

That’s kind of what makes looking at the top 10 quarterbacks in franchise history so fun. It’s an almost morbid exercise and filling the back end of the list is rough. So we’ll start here at number 10. The list gets better as you go, but it really is a top heavy group of quarterbacks.

The top three won’t be all that hard to guess, There may be some good debates about the Ravens’ top quarterback. Lamar Jackson is making it very interesting. Did I put him at number one or number two? I could tell you, but that would ruin the fun. Check out this Nest Talk Video from PBN!

And now the top 10 quarterbacks in Baltimore Ravens history:

There is more to come in this series. As mentioned in the video we’re going to do the top 10 players at every position for the Baltimore Ravens. In order to stay consistent and make sure we don’t skip over a position we are going with the old standard depth chart order. Running backs are next and then we will dive into the top 10 wide receivers in franchise history.

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