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NFL Week 7: Picking each game on the slate this weekend

By Chris Schisler

Here is a pick for each NFL game of the season. Winners are in purple.

NFL Week 7 starts tonight (Thursday)

Broncos @ Browns

With the uncertainty around Baker Mayfield’s non-throwing shoulder injury, I’ll go with the Denver Broncos here. The Browns don’t look right. They lost badly to the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday. Cleveland’s defense isn’t winning much trust right now and that makes the Browns an enigma. Are they paper giants pretenders? The Broncos may not be that good of a team, but they’re all of a sudden quite desperate after their 3-0 start. Give me Denver here, while the Browns try just to get their ducks in a row.

NFL Sunday:

Chiefs @ Titans

The Chiefs probably are going to see a lot of people pick the Titans. The Titans just played an incredible game against the Bills. So what? Do you really see the Titans defense (one which has been a liability all year) stopping Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes in back-to-back weeks? I don’t see it.

Washington @ Packers

This one is simple. Washington has seen their secondary torn apart all season. Aaron Rodgers is the quarterback for Green Bay. This is a big game for Green Bay. It’s got that written all over it.

Bengals @ Ravens

Earlier today I released my prediction for this game. I see the Ravens taking full grasp of every bit of AFC North power they can get. This is not only a game the Ravens should win (against an admittedly improved Bengals team) but a huge opportunity to stay way ahead of the rest of their division. Lamar Jackson won’t let the Ravens lose this game.

Panthers @ Giants

The Panthers are the better team here. They just have more talent. They have been competitive all season long. The Giants are 1-5. Daniel Jones isn’t working. Joe Judge isn’t working. The Giants aren’t working. The Giants just don’t have enough going for them to beat middle-of-the-pack teams like the Panthers- unless Carolina gives it to them.

Falcons @ Dolphins

Oh gosh, this matchup is ugly. I think the Falcons have more than enough offensive firepower to win this one. Kyle Pitts has gotten going. Statistically, Matt Ryan isn’t having a bad season by any standards. The Dolphins are having a nightmare of a season and losing to the Falcons constitutes a continuation of the nightmare.

Jets @ Patriots 

I have good news for the Jets. They have the same number of losses as the Patriots do, that usually is only true before week 1. The bad news for the Jets is that the Patriots already beat them and New England has lost in some very good games. Neither team is that good this season. Let’s not act like the Patriots’ level of bad is as bad as the Jets’ level of bad.

Eagles @ Raiders

Jon Gruden resigning didn’t have much of an impact on the game last week. The Raiders rolled over the Broncos for a win. The Raiders had a bit of a skid, but they’ve otherwise been red hot. Give me Vegas to just win baby!

Lions @ Rams 

Nope. Nope. Nah… you don’t need analysis here. The Lions aren’t stealing a win in Los Angeles. If they do they may deserve a parade though.

Bears @ Buccaneers

Tom Brady is on fire. The Buccaneers are 5-1 while the Bears are 3-3. One of these teams is a Super Bowl contender with an offense that can do damage and a defense that can win it on their own if need be. The other team is a middle-of-the-pack team. Bucs roll.

Texans @ Cardinals 

The Cardinals are due for a bad day, but they have way more talent than the Texans. Kyler Murray is going to unload on the Texans’ defense.

Colts @ 49ers

The Colts are a team that is better than their record. I think the Colts are starting to figure out who they are as a team. Do I think they’re Super Bowl contenders? No. I could see them making some noise in the AFC South though.

NFL Week 7 ends on Monday Night Football:

Saints @ Seahawks

The Seahawks looked kind of iffy without Russell Wilson. The Saints are capable of playing good football- you just never know if they will. With that in mind, I’ll call this a coin flip of a game. Heads is the call in the air… it goes to the Saints.

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There you go. A pick for each game. Let’s do this thing… NFL Week 7!


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