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NFL Week 6 picks: Quick takes on each game this Sunday

By Chris Schisler

NFL Picks are here. It’s been an interesting week and this post is usually up on Thursday. My bad guys. I’m not leaving you hanging though so here is your Sunday morning quick takes on each matchup today. For the record, I tweeted out that the Buccaneers would win over the Eagles so I’m 1-0. Fun fact, I haven’t gotten a Thursday Night Football game wrong all year. Winners will be highlighted in purple:

NFL Week 6:

Dolphins @ Jaguars

I’m just going, to be honest, I probably won’t pick the Jacksonville Jaguars once this season. First of all, they’re not good enough. Secondly, Urban Meyer is a bad NFL coach and I love to see the man get knocked down a peg after years of getting away with being a jerk. If the Jags are going to win a game this might be it. With Tua Taglovailoa back I’ll go with the Dolphins.

Vikings @ Panthers

The Vikings are a hard team to get pegged down. They really are. They got a last-second win against Detroit, almost Baltimore Ravens style.  The Vikings were close against the Browns and took the Bengals to overtime. I think they’re a scrappy team and when their offense gets going they work as a team. Give me the Vikings.

Chargers @ Ravens 

I’ve already made my official pick for this game. I got the Ravens 31-28 so sue me. Look, this is a team that just finds a way. If we’ve learned one thing about the Ravens this season it’s that. I think Herbert comes down to earth a little bit and Lamar Jackson walks away even more obviously the MVP of the NFL. This will be tough but give me Baltimore.

Rams @ Giants

The Giants are awful. I’m sorry, they’re not good. They beat the Saints and have lost against Washington, Denver, and Atlanta. I’ll give them a pass against the Cowboys because that is some real competition. They got smoked. The point is they lose to bad teams and the Rams aren’t a bad team.

Texans @ Colts 

The Colts are 1-4 after the shocking comeback for the ages that happened last week. Frank Reich is a great coach so his team is going to come out angry and not wounded. Give me the Colts big. Davis Mills is coming back down to earth today.

Chiefs @ Washington

The Chiefs have already played this game. What happened against the Eagles is just going to happen again. An NFC East team is going to make it interesting because the Chiefs’ defense is bad enough to keep up for a while. Then Kansas City turns on the turbo and it’s over. Chiefs win. Play the over.

Packers @ Bears

The Packers haven’t lost since week 1. Aaron Rodgers is feeling it but the Packers defense has started doing its thing as well. The Packers held the Bengals to 22 points. They held the Steelers and the Lions under 20. Rodgers will be the headline. The defense will be the underrated story.

Bengals @ Lions

I want the Lions to win this game so bad. Dan Campbell almost got me choked up last week and I could care less about the Lions. Guys, it’s not happening. The Lions have a good work ethic and a lack of talent in key areas.

Cardinals @ Browns

The Cardinals are the best team in the NFL. That sentence seems wrong. I think it may be true though, so I’ll go with it. Kyler Murray has been spoiled with weapons. The defense of Arizona is much better this season. Cleveland is good. I just don’t trust Baker Mayfield in a shootout.

Cowboys @ Patriots

Dak Prescott is on fire. Trevon Diggs has the defensive player of the year award in the bag… right? Cowboys roll. I could see this being a blowout.

Raiders @ Broncos 

Jon Gruden is out. The Raiders may be good enough to win this game but let’s not pretend this is a weird week for them. Give me the Broncos… not confidently.

Seahawks @ Steelers 

The Steelers are lucky. With Russell Wilson, the Seahawks would win. Without him, let the least ugly offense prevail. The Steelers defense at home in a primetime game against Geno Stone isn’t fair. The Steelers are not getting much better but their record will improve anyway.

Bills @ Titans

The Titans have to play a perfect game to win this. Their defense can’t stop the Bills. One slip and it’s over before it gets going. The Bills firepower will win this game. Hopefully, for my friend Zach (a Titan’s fan) that perfect game exists. The NFL would love to see a thriller here, I’m just not sure it’s possible.

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It’s NFL Sunday. Let’s have some fun.


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