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Baltimore Ravens should not feel bad for getting away with one

By Chris Schisler 

The Baltimore Ravens escaped Detroit with what can only be described as a lucky win. After a game that gave Ravens fans a lot to be frustrated by, a perspective check could be in order. How should you be feeling today as a member of the Ravens Flock?

First things first, a win is a win. Getting away with one is standard fare in NFL football. It happens in every good season and it happens during long years too. Take the win. Stacking wins in the easier half of the season is essential. How wins come doesn’t matter as long as the Ravens internalize the lessons from each game.

The Ravens have a relatively good schedule moving forward. The Denver Broncos could be tough but Baltimore should win it. The Indianapolis Colts shouldn’t be a huge roadblock. The Chargers are tough, but thankfully it’s in Baltimore. The Bengals, Vikings, and Dolphins all have talent but are beatable teams. The Bears have struggled.

The Ravens have a good chance to create the bulk of their playoff requisite wins in the first half of the season. The one thing you know about the Ravens is that they’re going to be competitive. A John Harbaugh-coached team rarely gets blown out of the water. It happens, but very rarely. The Ravens have shown they can win tough games and the team will get better when the injuries clear up a bit more.

By the time the Ravens take on the Cleveland Browns in week 12, the Ravens shouldn’t have more than three losses. They likely will only have two losses. That reality is huge. The chance the Ravens have at 2-1 is incredible. The Chiefs win opened the door to a monster season. Getting away with one kept that door open.

A little luck is nothing to feel bad about: 

Baltimore got away with a delay of game. They got lucky. Justin Tucker is the greatest kicker of all time, but that kick could have easily bounced the other way. They got lucky.  I’m sure it won’t comfort any Detroit fans, however, it’s about time the Ravens found some luck. Don’t make a team that lost all three of its original running backs, Marcus Peters, and L.J. Fort to season-ending injuries before the first kickoff, feel bad about getting some good fortune.

Don’t make a team that had four guys out on their defensive front because of one Covid-19 positive test feel bad about luck. The Ravens still haven’t seen Nick Boyle return to action and their first-round pick, Rashod Bateman missed his first three games and is just returning to practice. Baltimore shouldn’t feel bad for a lucky break, they should feel relieved for finally having something outside of their control roll their way.

The Ravens have their issues, but they’re 2-1 after three games. Effort and heart have not been among the problems John Harbaugh has had to deal with as head coach of the team. The Lions game went the exact way it couldn’t and they still walked out with a win. There is something to be said about that. Luck was surely a part of it, but their resolve was a big factor as well. 

The Bottom Line: 

The Lions game required some venting. I get it. We’re about halfway through the week and it’s time to be focused on beating the Denver Broncos. The Ravens have found a way two weeks in a row. That’s what good teams do. Considering how much adversity the Baltimore Ravens have gone through, I’d say this is a reason to be impressed. 

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One thing is for sure, no Ravens fan should feel guilty for some good luck, especially from NFL officials. Remember the Ravens have been on the other side of NFL officiating being wrong. The Ravens feel like a tested 2-1 team. It doesn’t have to be pretty, they just have to come away with a win. 


I am Chris Schisler. I am the owner and lead writer here at the Nest! Football is my passion and I'm very happy to share it with the Flock!

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