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Ravens win over the Chiefs: Processing all the emotions of the game

By Chris Schisler

What the Baltimore Ravens victory over the Kansas City Chiefs meant is hard to put into words. That’s kind of a pickle for me because that’s my job here. In a game where the Ravens were essentially counted out, they beat the top contender in the AFC. It may have been the greatest game M&T Bank Stadium has ever seen.

The game started with a pick-six, where Sammy Watkins slipped and the Chiefs got an easy score. If you would have told any Ravens fan that this is how the game would start, nobody would have seen this ending coming. This game made you feel all the feels and was a crazy rollercoaster.

The Ravens had to play without Ronnie Stanley at left tackle. The Ravens were already the most banged-up team in the NFL and they were coming off a loss to the Las Vegas Raiders in week one. There were 100 reasons to think the Ravens weren’t going to pull away with this momentous victory, Heck, this game seemed over and lost a handful of times.

This game was crazy

Going into the fourth quarter the Chiefs held a commanding 35-24 point lead. Here’s what happened in that final quarter of play. The Ravens outscored the Chiefs 12-0. Odafe Oweh got heavily involved. He forced the Patrick Mahomes interception and then poked out the ball on the Chiefs’ final shot with the football. Lamar Jackson sealed the deal with a gutsy fourth-down conversion and M&T Bank Stadium came alive like never before.

The defense had given up a couple of touchdowns where they just couldn’t make a tackle. It was frustrating. The heart that the entire team showed, especially on defense down the stretch was unbelievable. This game was the biggest roller-coaster of emotions and nobody on the Ravens gave up, even when it seemed lost.

The effort and the will to win really came through. Baltimore was put in a tough spot in this game and the game wasn’t easy. Winning the way they did, it couldn’t be replicated. It couldn’t possibly be replicated in 1,000,000 tries. This was a special moment that you don’t see every year. Speaking as someone who was at the game, the emotional roller coaster was intense. This was an all-time classic. A moment nobody can ever forget.

Lamar had his big win against the Chiefs:

This may have been the greatest regular-season victory the Ravens have ever had. It was a comeback win with the most dramatic action you could imagine. There’s plenty of time to dive into the analysis of this game. Right now, Ravens fans have to process the emotions of this game.

This was such a validating win for Lamar Jackson. While Jackson didn’t play mistake-free football, he was an MVP on Sunday Night Football. He put the team on his back and made some of the most impressive plays you’ll see all season.

He rushed for over 100 yards and passed for just over 230 yards. Jackson finally beat Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. He had a comeback win where he took on all the pressure and carried the offense on his back. If one of your takeaways isn’t that Lamar Jackson is the MVP of the NFL, I don’t know how to help you.

What the win means:

While the season wouldn’t have been over at 0-2, it would have felt devastating. The Ravens, who weren’t at full strength yet, proved that they are still contenders in the AFC. The Ravens were able to do something the Browns couldn’t quite pull off. The Browns gave the Chiefs a run for their money, the Ravens actually claimed victory against the Chiefs.

Winning this game means that the Ravens can beat absolutely anybody. The Ravens were supposed to be getting right and turning things around after the Chiefs. Now they can stack up wins with games against the Detroit Lions, Denver Broncos, Indianapolis Colts, and Los Angeles Chargers. This is a huge chance for a Ravens team that will get Ronnie Stanley back and is awaiting the return of Nick Boyle and Rashod Bateman.

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We’ve got plenty of analysis coming for this game. For now, let’s just take a moment to appreciate the moment. This was a once-in-a-lifetime game and one of the best (if not the best) games the Ravens have ever treated their home crowd to. Wow. Just wow. This game will go down as an all-time great.



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