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Baltimore Ravens vs. Carolina Panthers: Video preseason preview

By Chris Schisler

A preview of the Baltimore Ravens preseason game number two:

In the Purple and Black Nest Talk, I discuss the three Baltimore Ravens I want to see shine in the second preseason game on both sides of the football. The video is a dose of football talk to get you ready for the game. If nothing else, it gives you something to look for as roster spots are on the line and the Ravens get into shape for the regular season.

The purple and black take on the Carolina Panthers on the road, for the second preseason game of the year. This game should be interesting because it’s on the heels of joint practices between the Ravens and the Panthers, practices which may have actually been more beneficial than the preseason game.

One thing I didn’t have to talk about much in the video was the backup quarterback position. Tyler Huntley basically becomes the backup quarterback by default, because of Trace McSorley’s reported back injury. This allows us to focus on three players on the offense other than quarterbacks.

At the end of the video, you’ll hear that I wasn’t the only one getting ready for the exhibition game action. My dog Goose must have gotten pumped up and in the final seconds, she decided to squeak her toys to show it. To be honest, it only made me like my video more. Seeing as my dog Goose (named after Tony Siragusa) is the official mascot of the Purple and Black Nest, it’s only fitting.

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