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Baltimore Ravens: Top 10 Defensive Linemen in franchise history

By Chris Schisler

The Baltimore Ravens are known for dominant defense. This is why ranking the Baltimore Ravens top defensive linemen of all-time was a fun thing to do. Here’s a spoiler alert, all the starters from the Super Bowl XXXV defense made the rankings. That is in the discussion for the best defensive line units of all-time. I personally don’t think it’s debatable, the 2000 Ravens defense was the greatest of all-time.

When you do a top 10, honorable mentions are always good to have. The Baltimore Ravens had more than 10 players I could have put on the list. One player that missed the list was Michael Pierce. He was a very solid defensive tackle for the Ravens. He had 151 total tackles for the Ravens in four seasons.

Another player that didn’t make the rankings was Dwan Edwards. He had 120 total tackles in a five-year run with the Ravens to start his 11 year NFL career. He had his best years with the Carolina Panthers, but he had some strong moments with the Ravens. Derek Wolfe and Calais Campbell have a chance to join the ranks of the best defensive linemen. The way that Wolfe played last year made me very tempted to give him a spot here.

I was always a big Lawrence Guy fan. He had three years with the Baltimore Ravens. He’s a rare free agent from the Ravens who actually took a step up after his departure from Baltimore. He’s been a great player for the New England Patriots.

The Top 10 Defensive Linemen in Baltimore Ravens history (Nest Talk Video)

We’ve been going through the traditional depth chart order. So far we’ve rolled through every offensive position group. Now we’re doing our top 10 rankings for the defensive positions. I cannot wait to start talking about linebackers, so keep checking out PBN!

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