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Baltimore Ravens: Top 10 tight ends in franchise history

By Chris Schisler

The Baltimore Ravens have had some tight ends that have defined what “Play like a Raven” is supposed to mean. It really started with Shannon Sharpe in the Super Bowl XXXV run and it continued with Todd Heap. There has almost always been a very good tight end on the roster.

There were a lot of names to go through here and there were just 10 spots. Let’s look at some of the honorable mentions before we get into the rankings in the video. Benjamin Watson didn’t make the cut, but he had one solid year with the Ravens, where he had 61 receptions. Dallas Clark had a cameo with the Ravens you may have forgotten about as well.

The 10 players in these rankings are the definitive names that belong there. The top five players in the ranking are on a different level. There is a clear difference between being at the top and being at the bottom. There just happens to be some absolute football legends at the top of the list.

The Top 10 Baltimore Ravens tight ends of all time Nest Talk

This is the fourth installment of this series, where I’m ranking the top 10 Baltimore Ravens at each position group. Here are the links to the other videos in this series.

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