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Nest Talk: Grading the Baltimore Ravens by position

By Chris Schisler

Ravens blogger Chris Schisler

The Baltimore Ravens are one of the most confident teams heading into the 2021 season. It’s easy to see why. As long as the Ravens have Lamar Jackson under center, they will offer a very exciting brand of football. Jackson gives the Ravens a chance and he’s got a team around him looking to be one of the best squads in franchise history.

The Ravens have some question marks. There is no such thing as a roster that doesn’t need a little bit of something. As long as there is a salary cap there will always have to be a balancing act of the talent on this roster.

In this nest talk I broke everything down position by position. I decided to give a letter grade for each position group. There is a little bit of projection into these evaluations. One thing I tried to do was leave room for the grade to change a bit during the season. Even the best football analysts will tell you that a football team always looks differently in the middle of the season than they do on paper.

Offense, defense and specialist positions are graded in the Nest Talk video. I used a standard letter grade for this. The fact that you see so many high grades is really exciting. Are the Ravens Super Bowl champs to be? We’ll see. Right now they really look the part. That’s what you want to hear this time of year and it’s the truth.


Please keep checking out the Purple and Black Nest. This was a very offensive line-heavy week. It was a major topic of this video, I talked about how to scout offensive linemen the other day, and our newest writer broke down the offseason for the offensive line.

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We’re going to keep talking about the Ravens up front and of course at every position. The best is yet to come and I thank you from being here at the beginning of out journey!


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