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Nest Talk: Keep underselling the Ravens offense, it’s working

A video message for Ravens fans by Chris Schisler

Welcome Ravens fans, to Nest Talk 1,0. Nest talks are going to be short videos explaining things that have to be said. In today’s talk I am joined by Goose. It’s the only way I could keep her from begging for attention. She basically enlisted herself as the Purple and Black Nest mascot! I may be biased, but you’re not going to find a cooler mascot.

The Ravens offense is something that I have been thinking about all day. I clocked into work and it was on my mind. By the end of my shift, I figured out what I wanted to say. Talking football with you is what makes all the hard work in the real world worth it. So there’s a lot to dive into.

Today’s topic was the passing game. More specifically, I dive into the Ravens commitment to the passing game. The Ravens are here to show you something that you’re not expecting. Everything the Ravens have done this offseason points to a team that understands where they left off last year. The Ravens get it. The passing game is going to take a step up in the 2021 season.

Today’s topic is the big picture look at everything going for this offense. The addition of Rashod Bateman is going to be bigger than you think it is. The addition of Kieth Williams as the passing game coordinator is going to be bigger than you think it is. Sammy Watkins isn’t a bad pick up to help Lamar Jackson. I have some things to say, I guess.

Enjoy the video. More blog posts are on the way!

I will let the video do most of the talking. I just want to remind you that the Purple and Black Nest is just getting going. We’re trying to build a community of Ravens fans.

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The goal is to have a site that is for Baltimore and by Baltimore. Every share of this video helps! Every like helps.


I am Chris Schisler. I am the owner and lead writer here at the Nest! Football is my passion and I'm very happy to share it with the Flock!

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