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For Baltimore, By Baltimore

Baltimore Ravens fans have a new blogging community to be a part of!

Hello, I’m Chris Schisler and I’d like to welcome you to a new blog about the Baltimore Ravens. I’ve spent the last handful of years covering the Baltimore Ravens with The Ebony Bird. Now it’s time for something new, something exciting and something that allows me and some of my friends to pick up where I left off.

This blog starts with a promise. We promise to post things nobody would count as click-bait. The nest will not lure you here with thin content you could get from a Google search. We’re not going to waste your time. We’re here to give you analysis, opinions and perspective.

There are a lot of good Ravens blogs out there. So why should this be your home for everything purple and black? It’s all about the promise. This is a site run by people who live and die on each snap of Baltimore Ravens football. You won’t find a more passionate group of sports writers in the entire country.

We’ll never be white noise. We will never waste your time. We’ll never post something we wouldn’t like to read ourselves. We’re creating content that Baltimore needs. We are a fansite, operated by fans. That doesn’t mean we are not objective. When the Ravens deserve critiques, they’ll come quite freely.

Baltimore Ravens fans, here’s the bottom line:

Our job at The Purple and Black Nest isn’t to be above it all, or to talk down to you. Our job is to experience the fandom of the Ravens with you and to enrich all of our experience as fans.

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